RE-Studio modules

Well Controls

In a similar vein to other modules, our Schedule Suite is a unique experience for the users. On the one hand, the Pre Processing part.
Here, we understood the problems experienced by Reservoir Engineers when changing prediction to history data, and being able to add additional items, which were not defined in the original deck.

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Well Trajectories

Therefore, with a simple copy/paste of your data you will be able to export the new schedule file you created along with the incorporated data.
Inside the well trajectories, you can create a complete database of the wells in the model, compute connection factors and plot the simulated data along the real well trajectories.

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Well Viewer

Creating SCHEDULE section, is a long and tricky process since RE's import data manually from Excel. With RE-Studio Schedule Builder:
- Plot VPF & Schedule from Eclipse Data
- Compare, Modify, Merge & Update SCHEDULE
- Create History & Forecast from external data
- Modify existing wells swiftly & efficiently
- Upscale report time via Schedule Trimming
- All in one suit to manage SCHEDULE in an efficient way
- Avoid spending hours entering datas manually in Excel.

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