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3D Viewer:

Amarile is always at the forefront of innovation and improves its software on an ongoing basis. RE-Studio 3D Viewer is designed to handle big models with a lot of wells.
Quick, Powerful & Easy to use, our 3D Viewer will provide a unique user-experience.
With its advanced features, be able to compute your own functions easily, support LGRs, Vertical Sum Models.
Last but not least, be able to synchronize as many models as you want at the same time with different properties for each model.

3 main functionalities can be emphasized:

RE-Studio standardizes the simulation workflow
- The Manager frames the Reservoir Engineers work
- Streamline and maintain a consistent simulation workflow
- Then a specific workflow guides all Reservoir Engineers

RE-Studio optimizes Reservoir Engineers productivity
- Improve Reservoir Engineers productivity despite turnover
- Seconded Engineers work in a preconceived workflow environment
- Ease Project transitioning between Reservoir Engineers

RE-Studio improves your insight of Reservoir Engineers work
- Keep track of the work his Reservoir Engineers are performing
- Make sure the data is not altered by human errors
- Enhance Team Meetings access Engineers work before appointment