Our goal

At Amarile® our main mission is to provide engineers with the highest quality pre & post processor to drastically increase the simulation process before validating investments into oil and gas field developments.

Guided by a common desire to always reach the highest standards of pre & post processing, RE-Studio is always designed around three main objectives:
  • Organization
  • Productivity
  • Quality

With this target in mind, Amarile has developed a software solution integrating innovative tools to speed up the simulation process and improve its quality to allow you to focus on reservoir modeling. RE-Studio modular platform represents the backbone of Amarile expertise in the reservoir optimization business. RE-Studio is built on our knowledge of the simulators' input languages: Imex/Gem/Stars® from CMG, ECLIPSE® from SLB, and VIP® from Landmark.

Concurrent engineering allows for the calibration of reservoir models within a group of engineers, thus facilitating reservoir expertise sharing and optimizing the learning curve for the automatic display of simulator reference manuals. This provides reservoir engineers with the best expertise about simulators' features. Thanks to all these capabilities, oil and gas companies can create and manage more precise dynamic field models, estimate more and more different realistic cases, and explore the best possible field development plans as well as their associated risk probabilities.