RE-Studio modules


The must-have tool for any Reservoir Engineer who wants to Quality Control his work. Smartly designed with a 4 panels in 1 module interface, thanks to For ECLIPSE®, you will be able to improve upstream work and enhance your data integrity. For ECLIPSE® is an RE-Studio module designed to prepare ECLIPSE® data decks efficiently. Amarile’s founder, Arnaud Brunel, developed it based on his extensive experience as a Total reservoir engineer.

4 main features can be emphasized:

Use the dedicated text edition : comment easily, include and open files in one click, get model insights, plot selected curves, edit large text in block mode. ECLIPSE® allows you to focus on the modeling of your fields.

Browse through the entire ECLIPSE® Model: get an overview of all keywords used in the data deck, list all included files, sort and filter keywords to retrieve information with a single click.

Quality Check ECLIPSE® syntax instantly: check your ECLIPSE® files as soon as they are edited, highlight simulator syntax and script errors to correct them quickly. This allows you to launch more runs and achieve a better quality of history match and forecast models.

Display ECLIPSE® help dynamically: the reference manual topics are shown in the Instant Help window, with respect to the current keyword, click on a word and read how it works. This makes the use of the advanced features of ECLIPSE®.

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